Inspired by the flair & grace of the 1950's

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  • Ines' first design
  • Redefined classic
  • Unlined buttery soft kidskin
  • Extra large sizing
Available first to our list of clientele

Fingerless short leather fashion gloves

When Ines started making gloves in the 1990's, this was her first design.
We took it back to the drawing table and now it's finally back in our collection.
A real classic, redefined.

It's all in the details.
The length at the side of the thumb is slightly longer than the other side, so the edge at the fingers side follows an elegant diagonal line.

The opening at the fingers side part is stitched for more sturdiness to secure the fit.
The cuff is raw cut: no stitching and slightly wider for that classic vintage look and feel.

Complete your outfit with flair.

  • Handcrafted out of a single kidskin hide
  • Unlined & thin
  • Length: +/- 8.3” (21 cm)

Die elegant!