Ines signature cut & fit

In essence all Ines designs originate from the unlined short thin glacé gloves that were made in Europe last century, classics beloved and worn by many distinguished people.

As a little girl Ines saw it all happen up close as she had a silver-spoon upbringing.

Around 1996 when Ines noticed that the gloves, that she used to know, were disappearing, she decided to bring back these elegant gloves.

Inspired by those bygone times and the traditional way of crafting and designing, Ines developed her own style -an ode to an illustrious era of elegance..

The unlined glove is the essence of well-designed, elegant hand-wear: simple. Yet it is this very simplicity that hides an incredible complexity.


Thin & unlined leather gloves

Thin unlined leather possess the characteristic to adapt to the shape of your body, giving you the experience of the protection and feeling of a second skin.

Ines' gloves are made out of one piece of hide, so there's no need for a seam at the fore-arm.

Finished with a signature raw cut without stitching and glue at the cuff and tapered fingers enhancing that elegant look, touch and feel that makes us reminisce of particularly elegant times.

Closeup of pink unlined short leather gloves by Ines Gloves