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The importance of accessories: what does your clutch say about you?
20.04.2015 04:32:00

Choosing the right accessory can mean the difference between a beautiful ensemble and a fashion disaster. Every person has that one item they just can't live without, and that tends to become their signature piece. However, your choice of accessory can mean different things to different people... The glossy leather la clutch Ines is made for the person on the go, but who does not necessarily
Feasting on fashion... Ines-style!
19.04.2015 00:46:00

The next time you wish to host a fabulous dinner party, make sure to invite Ines Gloves! The menu? Diamonds, baubles, gold, and my sensual past elbow gloves... This illustrious dinner party is a feast for fashion... The table is set with piles of necklaces on beautifully gilded plates. Layers of bold gold in a melange of coloured stones serve as a delicious appetizer. Glass vases are filled
60s style with neoprene and Ines!
17.04.2015 12:15:00

An elegant look inspired by the classic, timeless style of Dior and the funky fashions of the 60s... and just in time for spring! Now, before you run out and attempt to re-create this beautiful outfit, keep in mind that patterns (particularly when worn on the bottom) can work against you, making your lower torso appear larger than it actually is. For this ensemble, a checkered skirt is

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