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Leather wow! Go for the flirtatious look this summer...
06.07.2015 12:05:00

One option for summer weather leather is to bring out the beige leather pieces to create a light and flirty leather outfit. Exchange the autumn sweater for a flowy t-shirt and sleeveless tank top. Oversized sunglasses, a large handbag, and your favourite pair of my short every day glace gloves create a most chic summer ensemble!
Leather wow! Wearing a mini this summer...
05.07.2015 18:46:00

The key to making a leather mini skirt work in the heat of the summer is to keep it simple and accessorize to match your unique personality. Funky hats, signature handbags, and of course, a pair of my sensual almost elbow high gloves will create a beautiful leather look for the summer!
Leather wow! Back to basic black this summer...
03.07.2015 17:14:00

Many of us very rarely consider wearing leather in the summer. When we think of this trend, we picture leather jackets and pants in winter, not skirts and shorts in the sun. However, leather can be worn all year long! Carry this essential fabric into the warmth of summer by choosing light skirts and a relaxed fit. Summer is a season when the world comes alive again. What better way to

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