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The elegant gentleman... and lady
01.03.2015 22:58:00

Days gone by... when elegance meant wearing a luxurious pair of leather gloves... when doors were opened for ladies, and a coy nod of the head meant something special. Ines Gloves and my man glace peccary leather gloves mark a return to the gentlemanly elegance of days gone by. They are a timeless, classic design for any man. And for the ladies... my petite cashmere lined gloves, just
Glovey elegance at New York Fashion Week
28.02.2015 15:01:00

Stay tuned for an upcoming foray into the glitterati, glamour, and gloves featured at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in the glamorous New York City! My sensual shoulder high gloves slowly and lavishly work their way past your fingers, gently enveloping your arms in soft lambskin leather. This runway-ready fit is perfect, and enhances the elegance of any ensemble. Whether it's a sleeveless dress
Ines Gloves' glove of the week
26.02.2015 11:48:00

This week's glovey feature has been somewhat controversial of late... recently, a special aired on Dutch television, featuring the life and styles of royalty in the Netherlands. It turns out that many members of the royal family are wearing their favourite Ines Gloves just a bit too big! My every day glace gloves are the unique design of Ines Gloves and are manufactured from the softest

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