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Kristen Stewart loves her Ines Gloves!!!
25.05.2015 12:13:00

Just a few short years ago, actress Kristen Stewart took some time from her busy Twilight movie schedule to post for Interview magazine. Ines Gloves were the perfect addition to her dark, sultry, elegant ensemble... My sensual almost elbow high gloves are unlined, and as such, they must be donned and removed with the utmost of care. When placing your leather gloves on your hands, the fingers
Ines Gloves: winter in spring?
24.05.2015 23:38:00

Spring may be here, but the evenings remain somewhat cool... cool enough for a pair of beautiful long leather gloves! My sensual shoulder high gloves are unlined, so they can easily be worn beneath a light poncho for that special, snuggly warmth on a cool, spring evening.
Ines Gloves' glove of the week
20.05.2015 02:39:00

This week's glovey feature literally wraps your body in soft, sensual leather! My sensual indulging gloves bolero is a uniquely new design that adds a touch of creativity to your wardrobe. As you wrap this delightful body glove around yourself, take in the wonderful scent of high quality kidskin leather... soft, supple, fantastic! This bolero glove has an elegant mock collar, and can either

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