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Bracelets and bangles and... conversation???
25.04.2015 13:13:00

If you can't leave your house without adding a cluster of bracelets or bangles to your arm, then this is for you... You might think that the addition of a bracelet to your ensemble means that you want to get noticed. Well, guess again! Wearing a colourful pair of my every day glace gloves will get you noticed for your unique fashion sense... However, pairing your Ines Gloves with a
Ines Gloves' glove of the week
24.04.2015 04:47:00

Alright, boys, let's get your glove on.... ... with a pair of my man special glace gloves! These gloves are made especially for the man you love, complete with a small red cross to add a note of tension to the gloves. Gloves of the softest lambskin, so luxurious, so comfortable. Treat your someone special to a special pair of gloves!
The importance of accessories: what does your clutch say about you?
20.04.2015 04:32:00

Choosing the right accessory can mean the difference between a beautiful ensemble and a fashion disaster. Every person has that one item they just can't live without, and that tends to become their signature piece. However, your choice of accessory can mean different things to different people... The glossy leather la clutch Ines is made for the person on the go, but who does not necessarily

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