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Ines loves the all-leather look
23.08.2015 23:50:00

Ines Gloves is all about being unique... ... so who says that you can't wear your best all-leather look??? Only my sensual shoulder high gloves can treat your arms to luxurious leather from the tips of your fingers to your shoulders!
Ciara goes sporty... with a touch of elegance
22.08.2015 12:40:00

In the fashion world, it is not always necessary to match an elegant wardrobe to elegant accessories... Ciara adds just the right touch of sporty to her chosen ensemble during Paris Fashion Week a few years ago. My fashion driving gloves are not just for those summer evenings in the car... rather, they can be used as a unique accessory to practically any ensemble!
Ines Gloves' glove of the week
20.08.2015 11:22:00

For the ultimate in male glove sophistication this summer, try a pair of my man fingerless peccary driving gloves! Peccary leather is soft, strong, durable, and supple... a most exclusive choice of material for Ines! The fingerless option is a wise one, and your hands will stay cool and attract attention at the same time. And don't worry about not having a car to match your driving gloves.

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