I was in need of a second skin...

The history of leather gloves

Originated from the flair & grace of bygone times

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Victor & Rolf - Mariage

Seasonless classics, redefined with a modern twist by Ines

1946 - 2022

Ines was born and raised in an elegant time - a time that makes you reminisce..

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Ines van den Born - Ines Gloves Amsterdam
Doutzen Kroes

Collaborations from over the years

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A woman with slicked-back hair walks confidently outdoors, dressed in a stylish brown suit. She accessorizes with elegant earrings and a large textured handbag. Her gloved hands, adorned in classic glacé leather gloves of extra length from Ines Gloves, and composed expression complement the formal outfit. The background features a stone building with evenly spaced windows.
How to wear thin leather gloves

Stand out from the crowd

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The future of leather gloves

If we want to continue enjoying our favorite accessories, we need to respect and honour the life of the animal and the journey of the glove.

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Always wear gloves

Glove etiquette explained

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Bob, owner and son of Ines

Raised between gloves

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Bob Borstlap from Ines Gloves in Amsterdam