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Beauty advice from Marilyn Munroe & Ines Gloves
04.08.2015 11:20:00

                                        Love what you have...  Sadly, Marilyn Munroe did not live long enough to experience what it meant to age gracefully. Though she claimed on numerous occasions not to have wanted to undergo plastic surgery as she matured, I feel that she would have been somewhat disappointed at the many cosmetic surgery procedures that are accessible today. Like
Beauty advice from Marilyn Munroe & Ines Gloves
02.08.2015 18:57:00

                                          Be imperfect...  Marilyn Munroe was known for her beauty and grace; however, much of what may have led to her ultimate demise was pressure from those around her to look a certain way, to be a certain size, and to act like someone she was not. Ines Gloves supports men and women in their attempt to be unique and to showcase their individuality. Use
Ines Gloves' glove of the week
29.07.2015 12:19:00

Here's a fashion dilemma... it's a Saturday afternoon in July, 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) in the shade. You have a craving to wear leather. What do you do???!!! The solution is easy... you put on a pair of my fingerless half scoop leather gloves! These teeny-tiny gloves are very cute, elegant, and allow you to satisfy your leather craving on even the hottest of summer days!

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