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Making music with Ines Gloves
30.05.2015 19:50:00

Ines Gloves literally travel all over the world and often become involved in some amazing adventures. Finding themselves on hands young and old, and on stage and screen, Ines Gloves get around! The most recent adventure? My sensual past elbow gloves are featured in a new music video from Romanian song artist Elena Gheorghe, titled Bezsramna. The song is a true hit, but so are the beautiful
Ines Gloves' glove of the week
28.05.2015 11:35:00

Take part in this season's hottest fashion trend... indulge in a pair of my short every day glace gloves! The most important design feature of these gloves is the way they conform to the contours of your hand. Truly, a fit like no other. These gloves are unlined, making them feel even more like a second skin. What does your glove color say about you? Match your unique personality to a
Kristen Stewart loves her Ines Gloves!!!
25.05.2015 12:13:00

Just a few short years ago, actress Kristen Stewart took some time from her busy Twilight movie schedule to post for Interview magazine. Ines Gloves were the perfect addition to her dark, sultry, elegant ensemble... My sensual almost elbow high gloves are unlined, and as such, they must be donned and removed with the utmost of care. When placing your leather gloves on your hands, the fingers

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