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Haute couture gloves made of thin stretch leather
Stretch leather in opera length this smooth and thin is unique, only available at Ines.

Wonderful to the touch and scent.
Crafted using a single hide, with a single seam at thumb side.

We select leather from our Neapolitan leather manufacturer and pair the sub-layer of the hide with a patented material with specific elastic properties.
A very complex procedure, resulting in a pair of gloves as thin and soft as our 'standard' gloves leather, enhancing that special feeling of a second skin.

Available up to 5XL.

Indulge your senses.

Also available as classic opera leather gloves.

  • Thin, tight & tighter
  • A treasure of life
  • Only available at Ines
  • Your second skin
  • Limited availability
  • Buy the ticket take the ride
  • Die elegant


  1. - Raw cut cuff
    - Embroidered Ines logo

  2. - Handcrafted out of a single kidskin hide 
    - Special stretch technique
    - Length: +/- 25.6” (65 cm)
    - Thickness: 0.02" (0.5mm)

  3. - Hand stretched
    - Table cut
    - Handsewn

  4. - Elegant tapered fingers
    - Vegetable tanned

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All gloves are handmade in Italy with exceptional craftsmanship and traditional knowledge.
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The unlined glove is the essence of well-designed, elegant hand-wear: simple. Yet it is this very simplicity that hides an incredible complexity.

Sexy Long Stretch Leather Gloves worn by a model with red lipstick. Shot in Amsterdam by Bob Borstlap for Ines Gloves. Styling by Maarten Spruyt.

Whatever the occasion, always, always wear gloves.