Inspired by the flair & grace of the 1950's

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  • Bestseller
  • Unlined buttery soft kidskin
  • Extra large sizing
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Long elegant leather gloves

One of our most popular gloves, much beloved for its versatility.

Opera-length gloves are traditionally 60cm long from the tip on your middle finger.
By shortening them by just a little to 55cm I wanted to craft a pair of gloves perfect for all formal occasions and utterly glamorous when worn up above the elbow and at the same time a modern, stylish and striking accessory when worn creased, down to the wrist, together with contemporary attire.
Two gloves in one!

  • Handcrafted out of a single kidskin hide
  • Unlined & thin
  • Length: +/- 21.7” (55 cm)

Die elegant!