Classic Luxury gloves, redefined
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I was born and raised in an elegant time - a time that makes you reminisce of days when people always wore leather gloves in Le Métro de Paris, or strolling around the center of Amsterdam or Florence on Sunday afternoons.

From when I crafted my first design to all these years of experience, research, designs, travels and collaborations from Amsterdam to Hollywood, I feel proud in creating and delivering elegance to all corners of the planet.

My gloves do not follow fashion or trends: seasonal fashion is where elegance ends and consumerism begins.
I believe that elegance is timeless, and my collection today embraces the truly essential lines of classic gloves.

Leather gloves as they are meant to be.
Beautiful, supple, comfortable, and timeless.

Let me invite you to discover my collection of classic leather gloves.

Be elegant,



If you need more information about leather, gloves, styling or sizing advice, don't hesitate to write me an email or send me a message on Whatsapp.

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