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Exclusive Peccary Leather Gloves for Men

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Look different and very classy wearing these exclusive peccary driving gloves.

So many driving gloves, but this exclusive top end glove let´s you stand out of the crowd.
A style to suit everyone.
After all, a fabulously chic pair of gloves is something we can´t ignore anymore.
Luxuriously quality peccary leather, fabulously chic and brilliantly versatile, you can wear it with business suit or sweater, either way it’s sure to cover all your options. 
Although not lined, the gloves are still warm in the winter, because this leather is of very high quality.

Gloves of peccary leather are soft, strong, supple and warm.
Considered to be the most exclusive and expensive sort of leather.
Peccary leather is prized for its softness and durability, two qualities that are rarely found in a single leather.
The leather is smooth, firm and supple and very durable.
Once you are used to wearing these gloves, you can´t do without.

  • Normal fitting
  • Top quality peccary leather
  • Warm
  • Unlined
  • Handmade

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