"Always wear gloves" -Ines
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The unlined glove is the essence of well-designed, elegant hand-wear: simple. Yet it is this very simplicity that hides an incredible complexity.


Classic elegant leather gloves, redefined with a playful twist

Ines' gloves are hard to put in words.
You can give it names like classics, naughty, elegance or redefined leather gloves with a modern twist.

But the essence of what we do is making thousands of people feel sensual and look elegant for over more than 25 years.

Oh-La-La gloves

Pamper your inner fire.

The result of a relentless quest

The longest leather glove

Ines signature long leather gloves:
On top of our range and our most sensational crown jewel.

The longest leather gloves made possible crafted out of one piece of hide.
31.5' of buttery softness...

Take a Peek

Ines was born and raised in an elegant time

Drawing inspiration from the 1950's classic line, the golden age of elegance in gloves.
"Gloves out of fashion, what happened?"

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Minimal stitching - Raw cut

Ines' gloves are made out of one piece of hide, no seam at the wrist or stitching and glue at the cuff.

A second skin

The glove is made of only one layer of leather which gives it its unique attributes and texture: it will adapt to your shape, taking on the form of your body with the supple feel and function of a second skin.

Experience and expertise

For a glove of this simplicity to actually have these qualities, two elements must be present:
the leather used to make the glove must be of absolutely superior quality or the glove will not properly adapt to your hand and arm.

Traditional craftmanship

Secondly, the design and manufacturing must be precise to complement the top-notch quality of the leather and the glove as a whole. 
The selected leather is table cut and table stretched following very skilled and old traditions. 

Modern classics

The collection today represents the sum of years of research and craft, bringing the design of leather gloves to the essence of classic elegance with a modern fashionable and sensual twist. 

Fetish became fashion

All Ines' designs are unisex.
Short and long leather gloves in extra large sizes up to 5XL.
Let your fantasies come to life.

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Gloves for the enthusiast

Our leather gloves are available in different styles:

  • Short wrist gloves
  • Extreme long
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Half scoop gloves
  • Lined with cashmere
  • Specials
  • Extra large

Take care of your hands!