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Anecdotes told by Bob, son of Ines. Owner and raised between gloves.

At Ines Gloves, we understand the significance of wearing ultimate leather gloves as a symbol of wealth and status.

With a deep appreciation for elegance and refinement, our focus has always been to enhance your style and elegance.

We believe that our leather gloves are not just accessories, but a testament to the rich history and heritage of fine craftsmanship, European fashion and style. And an ode to you, the enthusiast, the connoisseur.

As we continue to grow, we remain committed to preserving the artistry and craftsmanship of traditional thin unlined leather glove making that is sadly disappearing.
(more on this topic in my previous anecdotes and insights..).

But there's more to elegance and leather gloves.
There's a visceral drive.

I will tell you all about crafting ultimate leather gloves and its elegance that provoke emotions.

And I will be bold and open in my insights, straight from my heart.

Greetings, Bob

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All about leather! A guide to leather gloves

All about leather! A guide to leather gloves

HAUTE COUTURE GLOVESAs Ines says: Always wear gloves!Gloves leather is a very special material. We trace the very best A grade quality from around the world. Our leather is extremely thin and sup...
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Eroica Gaiole 2017.... in style!

Eroica Gaiole 2017.... in style!

  Take a race bicycle from the late 70's. Take kilometres of white roads drawn in the heart of the Chianti hills in Tuscany, Italy. Take 7200 men and women from all 4 corners of the earth travelli...
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Fingerless opera gloves by Ines

Ines Gloves on NRC Magazine (Dutch)

Ines was featured last December in the prestigious NRC Magazine with a long beautiful article by Milou van Rossum.For all the dutch speaking elegance fans, here's a great personal insight in our ...
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