Simple long leather gloves sizing, no!!

Simple long leather gloves sizing, no!!
Gloves speak many languages.
And they say there is more history, romance and legend about gloves than about any other article of clothing (thanks Mike Redwood).

Ines collected a lot of information about the history of gloves and glove making: books, patterns, glove irons, cutting knives, an old sewing machine amongst others..
Sitting here at the studio is very inspiring.
I wish you could see all this, yes I'll share some in the future..

Glove sizing is just also one of those 'chapters' in 'gloveland'..
Its interesting that a lot of countries have their own tradition in glove making and sizing.

Different countries like US, UK, Italy, EU,.. use their own sizing indication based on traditions and craftsmanship.
But nowadays most common is to measure the circumference of your dominant hand just below your knuckles without the thumb and then read your size on that specific chart.

Ines was always thinking to do things different or looking at ways to improve.
We at Ines also use our own sizing.
Ines didn't want to use numbers, but letters (S, M, L,..)
But its not complicated, Ines wanted it to be as simple as possible.

Ines wanted to have our own sizing, because the unlined glove fits and feels differently then a lined glove.
Basically our unlined gloves are a half size smaller then average.
The thin unlined glove has to fit tight and the leather must adjust to your body.

This is also why wearing and putting on unlined gloves is a different experience from lined ones.
You need to take the time and let the leather warm up on your skin.
Put the gloves on finger by finger, while stretching and crunching your fingers.
And little by little your hand and arms will fit in and be caressed by this soft and warmed up gorgeous natural material.

Some of you want to see the upper arm measurements on the chart as well.
Now you only need to do 1 measurement:
Ines said: "If you cannot fit in your hand, the upper arm measurement doesnt matter, you need to wear the gloves as they are.."

But what about the upper arm fit?
The quality of the leather is important for stretching abilities thus adjust to the shape of your body.
If the hand fits and the hem part is too loose you can wear it crunched down..
Though you could choose for our more flexible stretch long opera leather gloves..

Things change and I could imagine that you want to see the upper arm measurement on the chart as well.
Please let me know if you have any questions about sizing..

We are working hard on the launch of the new glove community, more on that soon..

Greetings from rainy but cozy Amsterdam,

Bob (son of Ines)

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