We are dancing with leather gloves

We are dancing with leather gloves
I'm a bit late writing and sending out this weekly email.
Because I was dancing with my adolescence daughter Anna of almost 14 years old!

She's discovering different kinds of music and now she's got a specific interest in the 70's and 80's.
We've been dancing to Depeche Mode, ABBA, Rammstein and Fleetwood Mac amongst others.

Its interesting to see how her taste is evolving.
Think its important that she got to listen to a variety of music so she can develop her own being also through music that trickers important emotions.

Next to appreciating good food and great music she is growing up so fast, blooming into this beautiful lady human being.

Glovechat is alive since a few days and also evolving into something sweet.
Almost 200 lovers signed up already...

Some are already active and some are just looking around and/or waiting to step in and participate.
And thats all fine, we need to wonder, experiment, make mistakes and learn.
Glovechat also needs some time to grow up, just like Anna!

Have a look and/or sign up if you did not already..
(For now its invite only)

For the love of glove

Bob (son of Ines)

Please share/forward this email to someone you think will like this too.

Anna was already an elegant dancer as you can see in the image taken in our office 8 years ago.

A rare picture with Ines in it, by the way..
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