“So I made my own rules.” about wearing leather gloves

“So I made my own rules.” about wearing leather gloves

While I was digging into the archives of Ines Gloves, I came up with this 7 year old article that tells the Ines story from, I guess, a different point of view.

After a nice interview by Milou van Rossum, it was published in Dutch national newspaper NRC.

I remember that Ines really wanted to read the article before it was getting published.
She was not pleased with some things, especially related to her appearance and age.

I think Ines tried to get some changes done.
She thought of it as a matter of privacy.

The journalist obviously disagreed.
She just wanted to write an honest and interesting story and I must say its a fun read indeed.

An interesting quote from the article:

"I think people always make things so complicated about gloves."

Read the full article here.

Greetings from cosy Amsterdam,

Bob, son of Ines

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