A rare picture of Ines herself

A rare picture of Ines herself
Today I just wanted to share with you a rare and beautiful picture of Ines herself.
I think she is around 18 years of age.
At that time it was common to take a studio picture of every graduate.

As you can see in her eyes, she was confident and quirky to pursue her own way in life, and she could not stand inequality.
And now I'm inspired to tell you some more about her path of life.

The mission of Ines Gloves has always been to bring a little more elegance into this, not always, beautiful world.
Ines wanted to make her own contribution by helping people and leave something behind that means a lot to different people.

She lived an elegant life.

Ines grew up as the youngest of 6 siblings in a posh Dutch family and chique surroundings in Wassenaar.
Her parents did not allow her or the other 3 sisters to go to university.
Only nursing school was permitted.

So she started out her career as a nurse, taking care of sick people in the hospital.
After that she worked at the Green Cross as a home care worker offering personal help, nursing, support and guidance, in addition to what someone can still do by themselves.

As a young mother she was a lot involved in her children's well being.
At some point my brother was hospitalised for a few days and Ines could totally not understand why one of the parents was not allowed to sleep next to her child in the hospital.
So old-fashioned, stupid and intolerable she thought.
After a few years of perseverance, knocking on many doors, she managed to change the rules.
From then on in the Netherlands a mother or father could stay with her child during the night.

It was also at this time that she began working at the municipal health service as an educator about STD's.
This was when HIV and AIDS was still very unknown and a lot of sex-workers and homosexuals were getting sick.
There was a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation and she wanted to help people to just be and live their lives.

On the picture she is wearing a pearl necklace that she inherited from her mother.
It was her wish that when she died the necklace would be given to her 2 grand children, Faye and my daughter Anna.
A real extraordinary family piece.

We have been using her own jewellery in a few of our shoots the past years.
Have a look.

We still receive stories about Ines from people who knew her personally or bought her gloves.
Our family loves to read about it, so keep 'm coming, thanks!

Let's make this world a little more elegant!

Bob (son of Ines)

Dedicated to keep on bringing you the most elegant leather gloves.

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Thanks for that!
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