Delicious thin leather gloves

Classics redefined by Ines

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Touched by elegance

Originated from the flair & grace of bygone days

Ines was born and raised in an elegant time - a time that makes you reminisce of days when people always wore leather gloves in Le Métro de Paris, at the Royal Opera House, London or strolling around the Florentine Ponte Vecchio on Sunday afternoons...

Little sparkles of elegance

It all began when Ines realised that the thin leather gloves of yesteryear had vanished from the fashion landscape.

Stand out from the crowd

Determined to bring back the elegance and sophistication of those bygone days, Ines set out on an adventure.

Back to her posh family roots, past the traditional glovers of Naples, sourcing superior skins in colourful Africa.

The photo shoots with celebrities, attending the catwalks of London, Paris and back to her sewing machine at the charming canals of Amsterdam.

How would you know if it were time to reconsider your style?

Ines van den Born - Ines Gloves Amsterdam
Founder, gloves designer, collector and equal rights activist

Ines van den Born

Who was this quirky, alluring and ever so elegant lady?

1947 - 2022