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Perfecting leather & lace with Ines: a secret pleasure with leather
24.04.2014 04:08:00

A word of caution: this look is strictly for those of us who don't mind showing a little skin... a very intimate look is created when a lace bralet is paired with a pair of my sensual stretch leather shoulder high gloves. Add accessories such as chunky bangle bracelets or stiletto heels for a look that screams sensuality!
Perfecting leather & lace with Ines: go for the short gloves
23.04.2014 04:31:00

A lot of us may love the idea of leather gloves and a lace dress, but we may not be all too comfortable stepping out in a full lace dress. If this look is too feminine for you, try wearing a dress with lace accents instead. As always, a smart pair of my fresh coquettish gloves adds a hint of feminine charm without overdoing it.
Perfecting leather & lace with Ines: lace & leather leggings
22.04.2014 11:57:00

The combination of leather and lace is beautiful with a lace top and my sensual oh-la-la leggloves! A lacy blouse with leggloves, my fashion scoop half gloves, and a pair of elegant stilettos create a look that is set for an evening out.

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