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Ines Gloves à la Jackie O
18.09.2014 03:40:00

Jackie Kennedy was a style icon... no question. And now, her unique style returns to life with a pair of my sensual shoulder high gloves. Jackie herself was never without gloves, and neither should we be without the elegance of Ines...
Ines Gloves' glove of the week
17.09.2014 03:44:00

Alright, boys, let's get your glove on.... ... with a pair of my man special glace gloves! These gloves are made especially for the man you love, complete with a small red cross to add a note of tension to the gloves. Gloves of the softest lambskin, so luxurious, so comfortable. Treat your someone special to a special pair of gloves!
Ines Gloves... a timeless fashion tradition
16.09.2014 04:12:00

Ines Gloves are timeless... their designs may be unique, but their place in glove history has been there from the very beginning. Even back in 1963, when styles were significantly more modest than they are today, Ines Gloves was there. My sensual almost elbow high gloves were advertised and worn on a daily basis. Beautiful ensembles, beautiful gloves. Only Ines...

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