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Winter trend alert: my pearl shorty gloves
23.09.2014 02:41:00

People say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but in all honestly, pearls tend to soften a person and bring out their feminine charm. Nothing says "elegant woman" than a pair of my pearl shorty gloves... These gloves are made of the finest, softest lambskin leather, with a small, elegant pearl button. They are short enough to allow a flirtatious exposure of your wrist, and exude
Winter trend alert: my short every day glace gloves
22.09.2014 17:41:00

Unembellished black gloves are a timeless accessory, essential to your winter wardrobe. Worn short or long, they can be the perfect accent to a variety of outfits. My short every day glace gloves are an Ines Gloves' speciality, known around the world for their haute couture fit, like no other. These gloves adapt to the unique contours of your hand, creating a fit that is only for you. A
Winter trend alert: my happy knot gloves
21.09.2014 18:24:00

For those of use (myself included) who need a reason to look forward to winter, a pair of stylish Ines Gloves can help to spruce up our winter wardrobes. They have the added benefit of protecting our delicate hands from the harsh, drying effects of the cold too! From unembellished glace gloves to fancy, lengthy long gloves, Ines Gloves can keep you looking fashionable able this winter... My

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