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Sensational One Piece Extreme Long Leather Gloves

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Very sensual up-shoulder gloves in extreme length, unlined and crafted out of a single piece leather - with no extra stitching at the wrist. 
The top edge of the arm is unfinished/raw, like in the "old days".
Your very special gloves, your second skin - For men and women!

Made entirely by hand, table stretched and cut in the artisanal way: for this reason there can be little differences between each glove, as every hide is unique.

Tight fit, thin strong leather, fine strong stitching.
Elegant, a little kinky, first class appearance.
The one and only!
For the happy few.
Oh yes!

Length: 28-29.5" (73-75cm)

  • No wrist opening
  • No seam
  • Soft thin lamb leather
  • Unlined gloves
  • Large sizes available
  • The ultimate long leather gloves

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