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Used Leather Gloves

Or second hand gloves if i might say.. ;-)
At Ines Gloves we get a lot of requests from stylists, photographers and celebrities to use our gloves for catwalks, shows, movies and photography shoots. 
Sometimes these worn gloves are sent back to our office after they have been used and we now have a wide selection of second hand leather gloves we can offer to collectors and enthusiast alike at a special price.

These gloves are worn by celebrities and models so they are not new but also not damaged.

The pricing depends on the state of the gloves.
These are the gloves available at the moment. The list changes very often, so keep an eye at all times!

Short Glacé - Black - Size M - €75
Short Glacé- Black  - Size M - €75
Classic Glacé - Black - Size M - €80
Half Long Gloves (40cm)- Black - Size S - €115
Half Long Gloves (40cm) - Black - Size M - €115
Half Long Gloves (40cm) - Black - Size M - €115
Half Scoop Gloves- Red - Size M - €75
Half Scoop Gloves - Black - Size S - €75
Half Scoop Gloves - Green- Size M - €75
Short Gloves with Pearl- Black  - Size M - €80
Cashmere Lined Glacé- Black with Red Cashmere Lining - Size S - €125

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