The Leather Gloves Specialist

Ines speciality is the glacé gloves.

The glacé is the essence of well-designed, elegant hand wear: simple.
Yet it is this very simplicity that spawns incredible an complexity.

The glacé glove is unlined, which simply means that the glove is made of only one layer of leather.
Just like it used to be back in the glory days of style.

This single layer gives the glacé glove unique attributes and texture: it will adapt to your shape,
taking on the form of your hand with the supple feel and function of a second skin.

For a glove of this simplicity to actually have these qualities, two elements must be present:
the leather used to make the glove must be of absolutely superior quality
or the glove will not properly adapt to your hand.

Secondly, the design and manufacturing must be precise to complement
the top-notch quality of the leather and the glove as a whole.


Our glacé gloves are available in different styles;
fingerless gloves, driving gloves, half gloves, short gloves and very long leather gloves.

Details are everything.

Ines' gloves are designed with that extra attention to detail that makes our gloves more elegant and special.
The fingertips are tapered for better fit and elegance.
Our gloves are all stitched inseam which means the stitching is on the inside and not on the outside.

Leather and lining

The supple, superior quality leather used by Ines Gloves gives the glacés simplicity to radiate
fashionable complexity and sensual stylishness…. and this is guaranteed.

We only use special A-grade very thin 0.3-0.5mm. glove leather, modern vegetable tanned and carefully selected.
Most of our gloves are made with lambskin leather., but for some special models and colours we also use kidskin and deerskin leather.

Our most exclusive line is made of expensive South American peccary leather.
This type of leather is smooth, firm and supple and very durable with a very good grip.
Excellent for driving your classic car or flying your aeroplane.

For the lining we only use first class 100% pure silk and the best pure cashmere for total comfort.
Or check out our ultimate peccary gloves lined with the best Alpaca cashmere.

And don't forget our special thin stretch gloves leather, for which we use patented leather from a French company.

Colours of Leather Gloves by Ines

Colours, sizes and lengths

Ines gloves are available in a wide selection of different colors.
One of our most popular models the elegant long leather gloves is available in 14 different colours, from white to hot pink to black.

Next to all the wonderful colours we offer you a wide range of sizes.
From extra small leather gloves up to very large sizes XXXL.
We even have real leather gloves for extra small hands that we call the "petite" line.
These are also designed for children between 6 and 9 years of age… there is a first time for a glove so that little girls can be just like mommy!

As the specialist in glacé leather gloves, you can choose from a wide range of lenghts.
From half cut gloves to the classic shorties 9" (23cm) up to the half long gloves 21.7" (55cm) - 16 button.
Up to the most extreme long leather gloves you will find, 31.5" (80cm) - 26 Button.