Our Story

The rebirth of glamorous leather gloves
Back to the 1950's

Our story starts right in the 1950s, in a posh neighbourhood in the Netherlands,
as Ines and her family would embark on their annual adventure to the chic local glove shop to get custom-made glacé gloves:
the ultimate fashion item, the must-have accessory that would complete your outfit.

Take a step back in time: to an overall more elegant era, when stars like Grace Kelly
and Audrey Hepburn would grace the big screens, diva's of beauty - surely -
but first an foremost icons of elegance and class.
The golden age of hollywood goddesses and gods reflected and at the same time inspired and
helped develop the very style and look of society itself.
Social occasions, from a night at the theater or opera, a party or a gathering, to a simple promenade
in the city streets would always be an opportunity to dress up elegantly.

Ines brought her fantasy to life

Fast-forward to years later.
Elegance now seen as a prerogative of few, no longer translating into everyday's life.
By this time, glove shops were all but gone, and Ines was unable to find those 
glacé leather gloves that fit like a second skin and that she loved so much.

After a career in international sales and marketing for several medical and pharmaceutical companies,
 for the lost elegance of the 1950's and wanting to find a solution
to this absence, Ines started working on her idea: bring elegance back.

Elegant Leather Gloves by Ines

Two random thoughts suddenly came together:
"I have to make myself a second skin!"
"I need an shop to sell these gloves!"
In late 1999, with dozens of visions in mind, Ines brought her fantasy to life by making her own collection
of luscious leather gloves, starting with "Where Are My Fingers Gloves".
It was a major hit and the Ines label was born.

Within a mere few years, the Ines label enjoyed success by attracting a sophisticated,
discerning international clientele, amongst whom celebrities and stylists worldwide,
who seek a tasteful handmade glove collection that combines modern luxury with old-fashioned elegance.

Family business

We are a family business, solid, safe and sound - dedicated to excellence and elegance.
The company is run together with son Bob, who is the photographer and also our creative director.
The daughters look like models and regularly model our gloves for this website, as well as for fashion shoots. 
We have fun and are advised by friends, like stylists, fashion editors, and other fashion designers.
We know everything there is to know about gloves, leather, fashion, style and etiquette.

Our goal is to bring some elegance back into this beautiful world.

Beautiful leather gloves really are the finishing touch.

Ballerina dancing in the Ines Gloves company

Today Ines Gloves is the most ultimate shop for fashion leather gloves where glove enthusiasts can fulfil their every fantasy.

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