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How to take care and wear your long leather gloves.

How do I take care and put on my leather gloves? A quick guide.

 A new set of gloves can best be treated with a stain repellent.
All Ines Gloves are already treated with a stain repellent.

By gently rubbing  the surface of the gloves with a damp cloth, surface dirt can be easily removed.
Never use soap or alcohol.

Ines modern tip:
clean your gloves with non-alcohol make-up remover tissue.

Stretch your gloves lengthwise after each use.
Store them in a dry and dark space.
Ines Gloves Care Guide Drawing

Help, I cannot put the gloves on…
Yes, you can, don’t worry.

The unlined gloves are called glacé.
Putting glacé gloves on is different from other gloves. 
Especially for the long gloves it takes a few minutes, but only the first time.
Put the gloves on finger by finger, while stretching and crunching your fingers.
Your body temperature will make the leather supple and it will adjust to the shape of your hand.
By putting a little powder into the unworn gloves, it will be easier to get them on and off, particularly the unlined glacé gloves.
The leather and stitching is very strong, but when new, also delicate.
After a few seconds of patience you will be rewarded by a pair of gloves fitting like a second skin.
When taking the gloves off, pull the gloves at the fingers, one by one.

My new Bolero...

Allow the gloves Bolero and leather some time to adapt, treat her in the beginning with prudence.
The gloves Bolero is a basic piece; you can make fantastic outfits with the help of your own creativity.

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