Handmade Short Luxury Leather Gloves by Ines

Classic luxury leather gloves, redefined
The collection today represents the sum of years of research and craft, bringing the design of fashion leather gloves to the essence of classic elegance with a modern twist.




  1. Raw cut - traditional hand cut for the classic look and feel
  2. Single hide - rare thin quality skins, minimal inseam stitching, no seam at the wrist
  3. Hand stretched, table cut and handsewn - resulting in a perfect fit and a clean look, 3 points not necessary
  4. Tapered fingers - for a more fine elegance touch

Ines' gloves highlights:

  • Ethically sourced and produced
  • No seasonal collections, only classic elegance
  • Small production runs, no waste
  • Made with exceptional craftsmanship and traditional knowledge
  • Natural leather, by-product of food industry or subsistence hunting
  • Available in extra large sizes for every person and shape


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