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About Ines

“Elegance comes from being as beautiful inside as outside."  

- Gisele for Vogue, wearing Ines Gloves Opera Gloves
We design very special leather gloves of all lengths and sizes for both men and women, inspired by the flair and style of the 1950's.
We believe in classic elegance. Our gloves do not follow fashion or trends. We believe seasonal fashion is where elegance ends and consumerism begins. 
We make most of our gloves available in all sizes, from a petite XS to a 5XL because we believe everyone deserves the perfect leather gloves.
We run our business with passion, where conscience and respect for our customers, the environment and our creations come first.
Founded in 1999 and based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Our story starts with Ines, her style and her passions, and continues with her son Bob and brother in law Valerio. A family business.

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- The Ines Gloves Family - 

Ines Gloves just might be the fashion industry's best kept secret.

With years and years of experience, research, designs, collaborations 
with the world's greatest designers and fashion icons, from Amsterdam to Hollywood, we feel proud in delivering leather gloves of absolute quality and design. 
We use very thin A grade gloves leather to create the perfect fitting second skin, with tapered fingers and minimal stitching.
Beautiful, supple, comfortable, and timeless.

- Sienna Miller shot by Mario Testino for Vogue Italy, wearing half length Ines Gloves  - 

We believe we can be part of a change. 
Leather is a precious thing, which deserves the respect it is owed, from sourcing to end product. For this reason we only produce small runs of uncompromising quality per model and color.
This means that sometimes some of our gloves might be unavailable, but our customers want to be elegant, and want Ines Gloves to be exclusive ...and so do we.

Elegance is not just what you wear, but how you chose to live.
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- Ines handcrafted single-hide sensational leather gloves

- a vintage portrait of the van den Born Family - 


- Elizabeth Taylor wearing half length leather gloves

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