About Ines


“Elegance comes from being as beautiful inside as outside."
Coco Chanel

 Exclusive haute couture leather gloves for men and women. 
Bringing back the glamour of the 1950’s one glove at a time.

We design very special leather gloves of all lengths and sizes for both men and women.
From the classic, unlined short elegant glacé glove up to very long fashion leather gloves,  
our designs are available in extra small sizes up to extra large, XXL and XXXL in many different colours.

Founded in 1999 and based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Our story starts with Ines, her style and her passions.
Read more about our story.

Dutch Family Business, Ines Leather Gloves in Amsterdam

We know all about gloves.

With years and years of experience, research, designs, collaborations
with the world's greatest designers and fashion icons,
from Amsterdam to Hollywood, we feel proud in delivering
leather gloves of absolute quality and design.

We present you a different range of product from what you will  find anywhere else: 
leather gloves as they used to be conceived in the 1950’s,
leather gloves as they were always meant to be.
We use very thin A grade gloves leather to create the perfect
fitting second skin, with tapered fingers and minimal stitching.

Beautiful, supple, comfortable, and timeless.



All of our leather gloves are designed and produced with the same care, precision and
attention to detail as the first pair Ines ever created.While seated comfortably in her atelier,
Ines still crafts each prototype herself.
We only produce small runs per model and color.
Our customers want to be elegant, and want Ines Gloves to be exclusive ...and so do we!


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Ines Gloves are worn all over the world

 Gloves are the finishing touch

To be elegant, to be fashionable, to have grace... be glamorous, be brave.
It's always important to own a pair of elegant leather gloves.
Oh yes, wearing beautiful gloves will make your outfit complete!

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BE ELEGANT - wear glamorous gloves!
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