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März 02, 2017

Peccary leather is perhaps the most unique and rarest of the gloving leather, and traditionally originated from wild hogs of South America. 

Peccary leather is manufactured from the hides of certain variety of peccary hogs. Relatives of the common pig, peccaries are common in South America and will typically travel in herds. 

Though tough and strong, peccary leather still manages to be surprisingly soft and flexible. The natural pattern found in peccary leather works with added stain to create a most amazing glove design. 

Uses of peccary leather

Peccary leather is most commonly used in glovemaking. Ines Gloves uses it to create the most luxurious, haute couture gloves with a fit like no other. 

These alpaca-lined peccary leather gloves make for a warm, yet fashionable treat for your favorite man of leather. Soft and supple on the outside, luxuriously warm on the inside. 

If you are more suited for a driving-style glove, try these peccary leather driving gloves... 


Cost of peccary leather... a turn-off?

While peccary leather will cost slightly more than cowhide, it is not significantly more. Browse the Ines Gloves collection to view the peccary leather gloves available... a variety of colours, designs, and prices to choose from. 

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