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August 01, 2016


~Blue Jay Mark DeRosa is in the process of hitting it home. Peccary leather driving gloves would actually provide superior grip, all while bring stylish on the field!

This season, the streets of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, have come alive again with blue and white in support of our very own Toronto Blue Jays, as they work hard to bring the title of World Series Champions back to home soil. They came so close last year, and are once again off to a terrific start. 

I have to be honest... I am not a sports fan. I do not follow baseball (or hockey for that matter). However, there is something so alluring about seeing Canadians coming together for the love of the game.

You may not think so, but even Ines could bring her unique designs to the baseball field! Most baseball players do wear leather gloves when batting to enhance the grip of the bat. So... why not do it with a little style???

~ Centre fielder Kevin Pillar has put on his leather gloves to take a step up to bat. How happy would his hands be if he slid them into a pair of exclusive peccary leather gloves? With superior strength that could withstand the force of a baseball, his hands would love them! 

Bring a little fashion to baseball with peccary leather gloves for haute couture quality, style, and durability!

We wish the Toronto Blue Jays all the very best in their journey towards winning the World Series. Bring it home!!!

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