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Juni 22, 2018

YES! You can now ask us for our availability of previously loved leather gloves!


Everybody likes to be loved and admired. Ines gloves too!

Photoshoots, movie premiers, parties and video shoots - we are flooded by requests to borrow our gloves from stylists, and we just can’t say no: isn’t one of our motto’s “Let’s bring Elegance back”?

You can find us on the hands and arms of countless super models and celebrities that you see practically every month around the world on the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Brides Magazine, Vanity Fair, GQ and so many more. 

From Madonna to Lady Gaga iconic Poker Face gloves, from Sienna Miller's elegant long white leather gloves in the iconic Testino shoot, to the ladies from Sex and the City’ half scoop beauties (oh the unforgettable Carrie Bradshaw's gloves!), to Gisele Bündchen, Linda Evangelista, Chanel Iman …everybody loves elegant leather gloves!

And what beautiful results: incredible outfits, splendid editorials, and…elegance! Curious? You can find but a selection scrolling through our “featured in” menu!

The very same gloves that you can admire in the magazines or cinema screens are sometimes sent back to us after being worn for such special occasions and, after thinking about it for a while, we have decided to offer them to lovers, collectors and enthusiasts at a special price!

Used leather gloves by Ines


Most of the gloves are in perfect conditions, worn only once: feel free to send us an email to enquire about the availability of your favorite models…and we will offer a special price, depending on the gloves conditions!

 Don't forget to follow Ines on Instagram, where we will publish the pictures of some of our second hand gloves whenever available!


Second Hand leather gloves by Ines



Have fun!!

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Rosemarie LaGuardia
Rosemarie LaGuardia

Januar 24, 2020

Hi! Wanted to see if you have previously loved half scoop and fingerless half scoop gloves for a size large in US size and price :) thank you! Rosie

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