The return of classic leather gloves

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is a special day to celebrate love... so, celebrate your love of the leather glove by indulging in a fabulous pair of Ines Gloves for you and your special someone!


Happy Valentine's Day to all of our leather glove lovers!

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  • I think the new Easter Baby Pink gloves are totally gorgeous!!!
    But I would never be able to keep clean because Im in the car driving quite alot of the time.
    After owning leather gloves no other material is even close to how comfortable leather gloves are. My Mum bought me a lovely pair of Black leather gloves with fleece lining and fur cuffs from House of Fraser I actually had them for over 10yrs but unfortunately I lost one last winter I was devastated even more so because my wee Mum & my best friend passed away 6yrs ago .

    Diane C Hart

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