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Januar 09, 2016

Leather glove size is of paramount importance to the elegant look of Ines Gloves. To find your correct size, two measurements are required. For this, you must use your dominant hand. If you notice that you have a choice of sizes and you prefer a more fitted glove, choose the smaller of the 2 sizes. Short glace gloves for everyday have the ability to take the shape of your hand and arm, simply because they are unlined.

1. Measure (in centimetres) around the widest part of your hand with a measuring tape.


2. Measure (in centimetres) the length of your middle finger, from the base of the finger to its tip. For fingerless gloves, this measurement is not required.


For long leather gloves, measure the widest part of your upper arm.

Enjoy the perfect, haute couture fit of your new gloves! These gloves are truly made to fit your unique self. 

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