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Mai 31, 2016

Wow! Vera Wang is known for her graceful gowns, but her vision for spring brides is simply stunning. Beautiful black leather gloves begin to grace the bridal runways... and with that in mind, let us look closer at how to make Ines Gloves part of your very special day...

This silk, plunging, v-neck gown pairs perfectly with glossy extra long leather gloves. The elegance of these beautiful leather gloves works so well with the silky sheen of the fabric and the elegant, timeless simplicity of the dress' silhouette. Exactly what our intention is with Ines...

Princesses everywhere, look out! The dress looks like something out of a fairytale, with yards of fabric, sweetheart neckline, and elegant rounded top long leather gloves.


Oh-so-sexy shoulders is the theme for these dresses. The cut of the crew-cut bodice (on right, above) and the unique sweetheart neckline (on left, above) complement the elongated shoulder high leather gloves, leaving just enough bare skin to keep things interesting. A true sense of mystery and sensuality... 

In this look, a frothy lace shirt is used to soften the v-shaped neckline. A sleeveless wedding dress is the perfect way to complement sky-high glossy long leather gloves.

Stay tuned for more beautiful ways to incorporate Ines Gloves into your special day....  

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