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April 29, 2016

Many people think that caring leather gloves is complicated and time-consuming. Great news... it's not at all!

So many people would rather avoid purchasing a high-quality fashion accessory rather risk having it ruined by the elements. However, some bad weather, oil spots, and mud stains can easily be avoided with a few tips... enjoy!

Proper care of your cashmere-lined glace gloves essentially begins with regular brushing. As long as you never experience any fashion mishaps, this is likely going to be the most important and one of the only maintenance regimen's you will need to follow. Brushing helps to remove dust and debris, and keeps your Ines leather looking as fresh and as new as ever!

Simply put, water and leather just don't mix. In the event that you do get your favourite pair of Ines Gloves wet, make sure to pat the leather dry. Then, they will be clean and ready to wear another day!

Spraying your favourite Ines Gloves with leather conditioner is perhaps the best way to protect your investment in fashion. However, a word of caution: some water-repellents can alter the colour of lighter leather items, so test your chosen product on a small area first.

Let's face it... scuffs, discolourations, and stains are going to happen to your loved leather Ines Gloves. Though you might think it is easy to repair these mishaps yourself, sometimes it is best to leave it to a professional. A local leather repair store should be more than capable of bringing your gloves back to life... allowing them to bring joy for another day!

Leather can become misshapen in humid and excessively warm weather. Once this happens, it can be extremely difficult (if not impossible) to correct. This can easily be avoided by choosing to store your favourite Ines Gloves in a cool, dry place, such as an antique glove box (shown above), and laid out flat to avoid unwanted and undesirable creases.

You read it right... for those unsightly scuffs and mild dirt on your favourite Ines Gloves, look no further than your pencil!

A clean, white pencil eraser is an excellent tool for removing scuffs from your gloves. Just run it lightly and gently over the stain, and watch your eraser work its magic!


Though brushing, conditioning, and caring for your favorite Ines Gloves helps to prolong the life of these unique and beautiful gloves, avoid exposing them continuously to bright light. This can cause your gloves to fade, and make them look less indulgent.

To avoid this fashion disaster, store your gloves in a cool, dark area to keep them looking beautiful for a lifetime!

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