Sensational One Piece Extreme Long Leather Gloves

Size Guide

Very sensual up-shoulder gloves in extreme length, unlined and made of one piece leather, so theres no wrist seam.
Edge top arm is unfinished/raw, like the "old days". For men and women.
Does not come down and bulky, fits perfectly!
Made entirely by hand, table cut, one by one, because of that there can be little differences between each glove, every skin is unique of its kind.

Glacé gloves made of soft and thin lamb leather.
Your very special gloves, your second skin.
Extreme length, very elegant.

Tight fit, thin strong leather, fine strong stitching.
Elegant, a little kinky, first class appearance.
The one and only!
For the happy few.
Oh yes!

Length: 28-29.5" (73-75cm)

  • No wrist opening
  • No seam
  • Unlined gloves
  • Large sizes available
  • The ultimate long leather gloves

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