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Handsewn Unlined Peccary Leather Glacé Gloves for Men

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Chocolate Brown
Dark Brown
Sky Blue
Light Grey

Ines´ Gloves glacé specialty is already famous.
Now available with the ultimate leather experience.
Extra chic; plain back and cuffs, side vent (no button)

Gloves are longer then "normal" length gloves. Available in chic colors. May I suggest to combine middle blue and dark blue? Very chic!
The combination of peccary leather of outstanding quality and modern design makes these leather gloves fit superbly and gives it a fashionably desirable feel.
The most important attribute of Ines’ glacé gloves is it’s haute couture fit.
Traditionally unlined, basic and yet high fashion, stylish design.

Gloves of peccary leather are soft, strong, supple and warm, considered to be the most exclusive and expensive sort of leather.
Peccary leather is prized for its softness and durability, two qualities that are rarely found in a single leather.
The leather is smooth, firm, supple, washable and very durable.

Once you are used to wearing these gloves, you can´t do without.
As one of our costumers said: "there are a few products in the world I can't live without anymore and the peccary leather glacé gloves are one of them..."

Read more about peccary leather for gloves.

  • The most beautiful peccary we could find
  • Plain back and cuffs, side vent (no button)
  • Length: 10.5" (+/-27cm)
  • Unlined leather
  • Handmade

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