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Alpaca Lined Peccary Leather Gloves for Men

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Very sophisticated peccary gloves.
This is the most expensive model in our collection.
Combination of peccary leather of outstanding quality and softest alpaca cashmere, this is the ultimate warmth and very classy.
These leather gloves fit superbly and gives it a fashionably desirable feel.

Gloves of peccary leather are soft, strong, supple and warm.
Considered to be the most exclusive and expensive sort of leather,
peccary leather is prized for its softness and durability,
two qualities that are rarely found in a single leather.
The leather is smooth, firm, supple, washable and very durable.
Once you are used to wearing these gloves, you can´t do without.

  • Hand stitched
  • 3 points on back, vent palm side (no button)
  • Colors: Black and Cognac/Light brown
  • Very sophisticated
  • Length: 9.8” (25cm )
  • Lined with the best alpaca cashmere
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