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NEW - Extra Long Stretch Leather Gloves

Size Guide
Ines presents the first thin and long stretch leather gloves, made out of a single piece of leather.

No wrist seam and unfinished raw edge just as it used to be in the old days.

These shoulder high gloves are made of exclusive stretch lamb leather.

Haute Couture fit, first class stretch gloves with that unmistakable leather smell and feel.
The gloves fit true to size, but if you want tighter fitting, choose one size smaller.

 About stretch leather:

Creating stretch leather is based on the layered structure of leather.
By assembling the leather sub-layers at a very high temperature (120°C) with a material whose elasticity is lower than leathers stretch and failure limit, provides a leather with high elasticity properties, a pricey procedure.
For thin stretch gloves leather, we use patented high quality leather from a French company.
This innovative leather is the answer to the need to have supple, comfortable and shape-retaining leather gloves.

NOTE: Follow the women size chart.

  • Length: 25.6" (65cm)
  • Unlined gloves
  • Color: Black leather
  • Elastic thin leather

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