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Leather gloves in large and smaller sizes for the happy few!

Ines Gloves specialises in larger size leather gloves, from XL to 5XL, to deliver everybody the gloves and style they deserve and desire.  

Elegant tight fitting long leather gloves for plus size women with larger hands and arms, or for gentlemen who enjoy the look and feel of a timeless pair of gloves, with their tapered fingers and fine supple leather.

Whatever your style - gauntlet, opera, everyday's classic glace' - and whatever length you desire - short to extremely long gloves - be yourself and enjoy exactly what you like.

And for the more petite amongst you, we have the right choice, the right style, and all the right gloves, with our special petite leather gloves for smaller hands! 
Every glove is handcrafted to guarantee every body shape the perfect second skin.

Be Elegant!

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