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Driving and fingerless leather gloves: standing out in style.

They are comfortable, leaving your fingers free to do their thing, but above all: they are incredibly stylish.

Fingerless and classic leather gloves, in any colour and style you desire: from the luxury and pleasures of our exclusive Peccary leather gloves to the most modern and minimalistic designs. Perfect!

The most fashionable final touch to any outfit: a stylish leather glove, to match your mood, your colours, your personality.

And what is more casually elegant than a  pair of perfectly crafted leather driving gloves.

Come discover the most colourful and exclusive fingerless gloves collection by Ines and chose your favourites

Stand out from the crowd and be your beautiful self, everyday.


Black and White Half Scoop Driving Gloves by Ines
Half Scoop Driving Gloves €92.00 EUR €109.00 EUR
Fingerless Opera Gloves by Ines
Fingerless Long Opera Gloves €160.00 EUR €189.00 EUR
Fingerless Ines Gloves Peccary Gloves
Fingerless Peccary Driving Gloves €152.00 EUR €179.00 EUR
Fingerless Glossy Leather Gloves by Ines
Fingerless Glossy Gloves €84.00 EUR €99.00 EUR
Woman wearing classic peccary leather gloves
Classic Peccary Driving Gloves €194.00 EUR €229.00 EUR
Half Gloves only Fingers by Ines
Half Only Fingers Gloves €84.00 EUR €99.00 EUR

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