The return of classic leather gloves

Yes, these leather gloves are Sensational

Yes, these leather gloves are Sensational

At Ines Gloves we are always busy trying find the next thing that will excite us. A new glove, a new leather, a new shade or colour. 

There are many models and lengths you can find in our online store - ranging from just above your wrist to up to your shoulder.
About a year ago we decided to go for a new challenge and designed our most precious and rarest long glove to date. 
80 cm long, handcrafted using one single hide, which means no extra stitching above the wrist. Seamless beauty.
Once we had them in our hands we were truly amazed; as we tried to find a suitable name for them, going over every single detail, every inch of black leather, every stitch a single word came to mind: SENSATIONAL
Long gloves have always been our specialty and all the beauty of handcraft and our years of experience come together in this model:
The leather hide is very rare - it has to be soft, thin, resistant but very large - a difficult mix of qualities, but all necessary attributes in order to manufacture these gloves. More then anything, it has to be perfect, without any natural defect.
The leather is hand-stretched following the traditional and ancient method of the leather masters of Naples (Italy), carefully pulling the hide against a wooden table. This prevents any future undesirable stretching.
To shape the glove itself, it’s first cut with scissor following Ines's models and hand shape - thin and tapered fingers for a perfect and elegant fit.
The gloves are hand stitched, leaving a raw cut at the arm end - a vintage and minimalistic cut, in the fashion of the 1950’s gloves.
Sticking has to be minimal, extremely precise and strong.
The result is a truly jaw-dropping long and elegant leather glove, a very special jewel that won’t cease to amaze you every time you wear it. Very, very precious.
The length is amazing: it will reach your shoulder with an elegant line, softly following the contour of your arm.
From the first time you wear them, the leather will warm up and adapt to the unique shape of your hand, in a perfectly tight fit.
An amazing feel, scent and sensation to the touch: the feeling of something very special.
We are very proud to introduce them to you: sensational, long, elegant. Discover them!
Only at Ines!
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  • where are the “80 cm long, handcrafted using one single hide” gloves ,made? (which country)? Do you sell used gloves as well?


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