August 29, 2016

Leather skirts are sexy, sleek, and fabulous! Join me as we look at a series of ensembles that feature some beautiful leather looks paired with some of Ines Gloves' favorite styles...

A leather miniskirt paired with a long leather trench looks rather sultry with black leather gauntlet gloves, especially when worn over the sleeves of your coat.

We all know that leather and water do not mix... however, the combination have red and black leather will definitely make a splash! Add a touch of colour to your all-leather ensemble with a pair of classic glace leather gloves.

Classic may be nice, but sometimes it's fun to add some funk to your leather skirt!

~A little flirty fringe, perhaps???

 ~ Or a hint of leg, revealed by a seductive slit???

Coloured leather is definitely on-trend for fall! And the best news is that the colour of your leather skirt does not have to match your leather gloves! This means that you can experiment, go wild, and be adventurous with Ines Gloves! Red leather is bold and beautiful always, and simply smolders when paired with short glace leather gloves for every day!

Pretty in pink... with a bubble gum ensemble and little girl glace gloves!

Oh, really bold and daring with skin-tight red leather and matching classic glace leather gloves for a look that shows you really mean business!

So, perhaps it is a bit too cool for bare legs and a leather mini-skirt, but the combination of stockings, a short leather skirt, and a cute pair of heels goes a long way to keep heads turning all season long. 

Get ready for an afternoon on the town in the warm autumn sunshine with a leather mini and buttery soft half-long leather gloves. Go for the all-black look or browse the Ines Gloves' collections for some delightful glovey colours.

For the particularly daring, choose a barely-there leather mini and sensual kitten heels to delight the senses... however, a leather look can only be completed with a touch of Ines and her black leather gauntlet gloves.

Back and white from head to toe makes for a glaring, daring look that instantly shows your elegant side!

While a black and white leather skirt is unique, it may be difficult to find for your closet. Instead, an alternative is to layer black and white items to achieve a similar look. Elegant long leather gloves make the perfect addition to any ensemble, and can be scrunched along the arm slightly for an additional look that is sure to please!

The combination of stripes and a leather skirt make for an interesting combination. Experiment with striped colours and various glovey styles, including fingerless leather gloves!

Even a splash of striped colour can brighten an ensemble, with a touch of elegance and silk-lined, glossy glace gloves. Enhance your elegance with a touch of Ines!

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Sizing Chart Ines Leather Gloves

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