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Winter is a season that is not typically associated with much color... grays, whites, possibly silver. However, you can easily brighten up this otherwise dreary time with a unique pair of colored Ines Gloves. We have gloves to suit every taste, and a wide variety of happy glovey colors to choose from.

While colors make your ensemble stand out, luxurious textured materials, such as snake half scoop leather gloves, provide a little more elegance to a basic glove style.

Experiment with color, enjoy your unique gloves, and indulge in the elegance that is Ines.


For those of us who like to make a statement and add a little touch of something extra to our basic black gloves, why not look to Ines Gloves for that touch of elegance?

Fingerless half scoop gloves bring an added flair to an everyday black leather glove. With such a unique, exclusive design, these gloves are extremely versatile, transferring easily from day to night. Add a touch of bling with a large ring or funky bracelet...

Former Spice Girl-turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham turns to short leather gloves with a pearl for a touch of feminine elegance. These gloves are perfect for casual or formal wear, and the delicate pearl button at the wrist keeps these gloves trendy and looking wonderful for decades to come.


Well, in the midst of our winter wardrobe preparation, we must never forget the special men in our lives! Ines surely hasn't...

Treat the special leather lover in your life to a gorgeous pair of alpaca-lined peccary leather gloves! These gloves are lined with the most luxurious alpaca wool, which is known to be one of the warmest materials for insulation from the cold.

Or, go for a simpler, handsome look with a pair of glace gloves for men in a bold, black colour.

No matter which direction you choose for your man's style, there is an Ines Glove for each and every occasion!


Feminine additions to glove styles, such as bows, add an elegant, vintage quality to your glove, and are a very graceful way to reminisce about the glamour of 50s fashion with an embellished, flirty bow at the wrist.

Happy knot leather gloves are available in a wide variety of vibrant colors to suit every style need. For that ultra-feminine, elegant look, choose a softer colour or inject boldness with a bright colour to keep your unique gloves looking sophisticated.

No matter your style, Ines Gloves has a wide variety of colours, styles, and designs to keep your spirits up and your heart happy. Enjoy!


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Gloves Sizing Chart

To find out your leather glove size, you need to do two measurements
You should use your dominant hand, the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed.
NOTE: if you are unsure about the size please contact ines@inesgloves.com
Measure ( cm-inch ) around your hand with a tape.
Measure at the place indicated on the diagram below.
How to measure your gloves size

Measure ( cm-inch ) the middle finger from the base to the tip.
Note: Fingerless gloves only measure around the hand.
How to measure your gloves size
If you have a size in between and you like tight gloves, choose the smaller size.
Otherwise choose the larger size.
Unlined gloves have the ability to adjust to the shape of your own hand and arm. 

16.2 cm. - 16.9 cm. +/-(6.2" - 6.6")
Length middle finger:
+/- 7 cm. +/-(2.8")
Small (6.5)
16.4 cm. - 17.2 cm. (6.3" - 6.7")
Length middle finger:
+/- 8 cm. (3.1")

Medium (7.5)
17.2 cm. - 18 cm. (6.7" - 7")
length middle finger:
+/- 8.5 cm. (3.3")

Large (7.5-8)
18 cm. - 18.8 cm. (7" - 7.2")
length middle finger:
+/- 9 cm. (3.5")

XLarge (8)
18.8 cm. - 19.6 cm. (7.2" - 7.5")
length middle finger:
+/- 9.5 cm. (3.7")

2X-Large (9)
19.6 cm. - 20.5 cm. (7.5" - 8")
length middle finger:
+/- 9.5 cm. (3.7")

3X-Large (10)
20.5 cm. - 22.5 cm. (8" - 8.8")
length middle finger:
+/- 9.5 cm. (3.7")


Small (8)
20.5 cm. - 21.5 cm. (8" - 8.4")

Medium (9)
21.5 cm. - 22.5 cm. (8.4" - 8.8")

Large (10)
22.5 cm. - 23.5 cm. (8.8" - 9.2")

XLarge (10.5)
23.5 cm. - 25 cm. (9.2" - 9.8")

Circumference hand
14.6 cm. - 15 cm. +/-(5.5" - 5.9")
Length middle finger:
7.8 cm. +/-(3")
Circumference hand
15.6 cm. - 15.9 cm. +/-(6.0")
Length middle finger:
7 cm. +/-(2.8")

circumference widest part of upper arm

Small:      +/- 27.5 cm. +/-(10.8")
Medium:  +/- 30.0 cm. +/-(11.8")
Large:      +/- 31.5 cm.+/- (12.4")
X-large:   +/- 32.0 cm.+/- (12.6")
2X-large: +/- 34.0 cm.+/-(13.3")
3X-large: +/- 34.5 cm.+/-(13.6")


Click here for centimeters to inches calculator

NOTE: if you need help about the size please contactines@inesgloves.com
or chat with us on the right side down below