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Bob, son of Ines

Bob, son of Ines

One day in the late 1990s, my mother said to me:
'I am going to start an online shop for fancy leather gloves and you'll take the pictures!"

Who knew back then it would be such a hugh succes..
Over the years, thousands of enthusiasts around the world are now experiencing their second skin.
She really started something special.

At that time I (Bob, son of Ines) studied photography at the School of Arts in Amsterdam and on this day I still take all images of our gloves in the studio and on location.

For years I worked as a location scout for television and film, but I was always involved in my mothers company.
About 7 years ago Ines Gloves grew so big, I joined my mom on a daily basis.

I live in Amsterdam with my daughter Anna and my office/studio is the same as Ines used to work in.
And thats really inspiring surrounded by all the images, books, hides, prototypes, swatches, etc. that she gathered around her all those years.

I learned a lot from her about chocolate, leather, girlfriends, men, gloves, MM's, elegance and running a passionate business.

Even though I feel sad about her passing, its a great feeling of pride that I can keep continuing the legacy of a special human-being who, brought back those classic gloves, inspired and made thousands of people happy all around the world.

I'll move on with the Ines Gloves keeping her spirit alive.
There are a lot of stories to tell and insights to give.
And I'll make sure that you can keep on enjoying Ines' thin and tight gloves that fit like a second skin.

Greetings from cosy Amsterdam,

Bob, son of Ines

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